iPhone case $588 is an IQ tax?

by Staff Dr Case on June 05, 2021

iPhone case $588 this price feels a bit outrageous, the iPhone price is very expensive, but you may not know that in recent years Apple's important revenue is from the accessories. For example, Apple Bluetooth headset or Apple's expensive phone cases. Today we'll talk about the price of $588 iPhone cases, or is it an IQ tax?


No effort, you can't even afford to buy a phone case! Apple online iPhone 12 and iPhone 12Pro series of Hermès Bolduc MagSafe leather case, the price of $588, almost can buy a Xiaomi 11! After all, the price of the Xiaomi 11 is only 3999 yuan, if you meet the channel business is also able to reduce the price by a few hundred dollars. Apple's phone case is more expensive than Android's top flagship phones, this is really not a joke, but an ironclad fact.


According to Apple's official introduction, this phone case is handcrafted in France by craftsmen with superb craftsmanship using Barénia calfskin. This full-grain leather uses a special tanning process, with a satin-like touch and transparent texture, and the color of the case will gradually deepen with your careful use! This blows, I almost want to buy it!


It is worth noting that even for ordinary iPhone cases, the price is not cheap. For example, the most common transparent case, Apple also has to sell to $ 60 pricing, if you go to buy third-party accessories, it is expected to be just a few dollars to be able to get. So see such expensive pricing, many netizens are now even iPhone cases can not afford to buy, bother!


Why can Apple sell a phone case so expensive? The following is a brief analysis of the author.


First, Apple is very good at using the brand effect, such as co-branding major luxury brands to launch custom models. Many people used to buy Apple phones feel very dignified, and now Apple's iPhone has been rotten, very common, so Apple and come up with a trick co-branded luxury brands, so that it can meet the vanity of many users.


Second, Apple is very good at controlling accessories, and the quality of its own original standard products is really good. Many people will feel that buying a 3rd party case, the feel is really not as good as the official Apple case, and the material Apple is also more attentive, the effect of using it is really good.


Third, iPhone users are more inclined to support Apple's official accessories. Apple's cell phone is very expensive, many people do not care to spend a few hundred dollars to buy a phone case, although part of the user is indeed beyond their financial strength to buy the iPhone, but those who are willing to buy an Apple phone, plus a change a few hundred dollars to choose an iPhone case is not impossible.


Fourth, Apple's most important purpose of this co-branded phone case is not to sell, but to create Apple's high-end brand image. The price of $588 custom phone case, although there will not be too high sales, but this will give the outside world an image that the Apple phone is very high, along with the scene of Android phones continue to impact the high-end market, Apple will need to open up their own identity gap with other products, so as to be able to maintain a higher premium, or in the case of product strength gradually shrink, and what reason to make iPhone sold more expensive it?


Overall, Apple's expensive cases are an IQ tax, but cater to the user's psychology, and more importantly, to maintain Apple's towering image! Would you spend six hundred dollars to buy a phone case? As an Apple user, will you choose official accessories or third-party accessories for your iPhone? Welcome to share and discuss in the comments.